Some useful articles and websites for the creative mind.

Scott McCloud’s Making Comics, Chapter 5.5.
Additional materials from the very resourceful Scott McCloud, creator of Making Comics and Understanding Comics.

Michael Lewis on Writing, Money, and the Necessary Self-Delusion of Creativity
An excellent article on writing and creativity.

On Creative Productivity.
My own extrapolation on a lifehacker article giving some simple tips on how to stay productive after work.

Discover Comics on Kick Starter
Here's the page featuring all of the latest comic-based projects on Kick Starter. Includes staff picks and recently funded projects as well as a slew of others.

Best Graphic Novels on Good Reads.
This is the member-voted list of Best Graphic Novels on A good starting point if you're looking for new things to read.


I have some very talented friends.

Sean Gallagher
Documentary filmmaker with lots of work worth checking out.

Reed Olsen
The talented artist with whom I am collaborating on Dream Crasher.

Naomi Lore
Poet, photographer, pottery and jewelry designer working out of the Hudson Valley.

Caroline Rothstein
New York City based writer, performer, and eating disorder recovery advocate.